How to paint wicker baskets perfectly

How to paint wicker baskets perfectly

How to paint wicker baskets perfectly

So, I assumed wicker baskets just wouldn't work for those who do not like their original color. Yes, some people really love the natural color of wicker baskets. But it all varies from person to person. Even if you like the color of these baskets, you'd like to change it at some point in time. If that is possible, why not try painting them for a bit of a glam moment? And here's the good news: the process is as simple as it can be. Peruse to find out how.

Materials required

  • Spray paint
  • Brush (if you don’t have the spray paint)
  • Cloth or sponge
  • Warm and soapy water (to clean the basket)
  • Sandpaper
  • Newspaper
  • Wicker basket

1. Spray paint

Spray painting will definitely help you paint places where brushes can't reach. It will leave every nook and cranny of your wicker basket evenly coated and smooth.

2. Brush

This is if you want to use a brush instead of a spray paint or if you want to coat the primer using a brush and spray the actual paint.

3. Cloth or sponge

Clean your wicker basket using a cloth before painting to remove all kinds of dirt from it. Dust and stains can prevent your paint from adhering to the surface. You even use a sponge to clean your wicker basket with warm, soapy water.

4. Sandpaper

Sanding can make the surface you're going to paint a lot smoother. Sandpaper comes in a range of grit sizes (120-220 grit is preferred here). Sanding is essential simply because a level surface is essential for a smooth finish. It will also make the surface better for the paint to stick to.

5. Newspaper

You can lay papers on the floor and keep the wicker basket on top of it before you paint. It will prevent paint spills on the floor and also protect the basket from any dust underneath.

6. Wicker basket

And of course, the woven masterpiece! It'd be unfair to keep this one away from the Materials Required section.

How to paint your lovely basket in no time

toys in wicker baskets

Step 1: Arranging the floor or the surface where you keep the wicker basket

Lay newspapers on the ground or a table (preferably where it is not so windy).

Step 2: Clean the basket

Take a cloth and clean the wicker basket in and out. Make sure the cloth is clean (yep, that is important). A slightly wet cloth can be used instead of a dry one. You can also use warm and soapy water to scrub it using the damp cloth. Instead of a cloth, you can even use a sponge for cleaning. Put it out for drying cleaning.

For a detailed guide on cleaning your wicker basket, check this out.

Step 3: Sanding

After the wicker basket is dry, softly sand the surface.

Quick Tip:

● Spray painting is the best option rather than painting your basket with a brush. Spray the paint from different angles to evenly coat the basket surface.

● Make sure you coat the basket consistently. Paint once with the wicker basket straight up and apply a second coat with the basket upside down.

● Tape off the area where you don't want to paint using masking tape. You can use any kind of tape as long as it properly sticks to the surface and stays firmly in position. Look how perfect the division between the two paints is, in the picture shown below.

removing masking tape from wicker basket

Step 4: Apply a primer coat

Apply two light coats of any good quality primer. This step is essential because a primer will help your paint to better adhere to the basket surface and enhances the paint durability. It also protects your basket surface.

Quick tip:

● Make sure the bristles of the brush reach all the nooks and crannies of your basket.

● Also, try to keep your arm straight and sweep the brush in left-right motions. This will give a better, evenly coated look.

Step 5: Spray painting

After drying the basket, apply even coats of the actual spray paint. Recommended types of paint include latex or oil-based paint products. If you're using latex paint, dilute it with water with a 70/30 paint to water ratio. Oil-based paints usually require oil-based paint thinner. Especially the ones that specifically say it can be used on wicker (on the front of the can) will come out beautifully.

Quick tip:

● Make sure you shake the spray can thoroughly (for a minute or two)! It can make a difference.

● It is advised to use working gloves and masks while painting. This is to prevent direct inhalation of paint fumes and to protect your hands during the process.

If you're planning to buy a wicker basket, check out our detailed buying guide.

Step 6: Leave it to dry

After you are done with the painting, leave your wicker basket to dry for a day. You can speed up the drying process using a portable fan or a hairdryer.

And voila! Show some love by decorating your basket (optional), as mentioned in the next step.

Step 7: Decorate!

● Use Labels: Labelling what your basket holds will instantly give it a pulled-together look and seem much more organized.

● Design: You can draw shapes and even attach small shells or other decorating items. These wicker baskets shown below look beautiful with the stars on it!

painted wicker baskets with stars drawn on them

● Attach: You can even attach small shells, tassels, a string of beads, or other decorating items like the butterfly-shaped ones.

As you can see for yourself, painted wicker baskets can look absolutely chic if styled correctly. Take a gander at these gorgeously painted wicker baskets.

Questions you might have

1. Is the primer coat necessary?

Yes, it is always better to apply at least two coats of primer before you use the actual paint. Basically, primer protects your wicker surface and helps in better paint adhesion.

2. What kind of paint can be used on the wicker?

Experts suggest using oil or latex paint products on wicker. A good quality primer is essential.

3. Should I remove the old paint before painting the new one?

Yes, this step is indeed crucial for better adhesion of the new paint. But make sure not to damage your wicker surface while scrubbing off the old paint. If you're using a sharp tool, use it gently without scarring the basket material.

4. Should I dilute the paint with water?

If you're using latex paint, dilute it with water on a 70/30 paint to water ratio. However, as I said, oil-based paints would require oil-based paint thinner.

5. What precautions should I take while painting?

It is advised to always use masks and gloves while painting to prevent inhaling paint fumes and to protect your hands.

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