Ultimate guide to buying stunning wicker laundry baskets

Ultimate guide to buying stunning wicker laundry baskets

Ultimate guide to buying stunning wicker laundry baskets

Honestly, how often do you come across a product that you can use in different ways? But that's not all, this product can look super chic if styled properly. We're talking about none other than (drumroll please) Wicker Baskets!

It is unfair to underestimate it as a big dump for all kinds of things because these baskets can help you stay organized all year round. And that's why the MellowPine team has in store the ultimate guide to buying wicker laundry baskets that will stand out from the rest of your collection.

Wicker baskets? What are they?

making of wicker basket

It is no doubt that furniture made out of wood is always elegant in its own way, but pliable plant materials also add dreamy aesthetics to your room. These materials can be woven into intricate patterns using the wicker technique. Loved by so many, this woven masterpiece has found its way into the finest brands all over the world.

Natural wicker uses plant fibers like willow, rattan, reed, and bamboo. But like most other items, you can make wicker baskets out of synthetic fibers too. And they turned out great. Although many people prefer the natural ones (pretty much because they're "natural"), synthetic fibers are popular for outdoor use. Synthetic types use plastic, resin, or high tensile wires.

Are wicker baskets just laundry baskets?

If you ask me what use they have, the list is a never-ending one. It all depends on your creativity. Right from being a catch-all for all kinds of things to one of the most beautiful decors ever to a place for your cat to sleep, wicker baskets can do them all. But a noteworthy mention goes to wicker laundry baskets. Trust me, they're an absolute lifesaver.

How to buy the perfect wicker laundry basket

Is it just me or does finding the perfect laundry basket feels like a Catch-22? They come in endless sizes and shapes, which is why we often spend hours ogling the best ones on the internet. But in my opinion, a single perfect wicker laundry basket wouldn't work for all of us. Here are a few things to keep in mind for you to pick the best one for you:

1. Size matters

Wicker baskets (laundry baskets in particular) come in different sizes. Not everyone wants the same sized basket. For instance, the petite one is likely to be chosen by those who a) want their laundry basket to look cute and b) don't have too much space to spare. Personally speaking, I'd choose bigger laundry baskets as it will have more room to dump laundry. But mistake me not, these baskets can go very well with your room's aesthetics, no matter what their size is.

different sized  wicker baskets

2. With lid and without lid

If you usually throw a pretty motley crew of wardrobe pieces into your laundry basket, the top view is unlikely to be aesthetically pleasing. But that's when the lid comes into play. You can just close your basket with a lid, and no one would ever know that this piece of decor has your dirty clothes inside.

wicker baskets with and without lid

3. Durability

Laundry baskets welcome clothes (wet or dry). But to hold the wet ones, your basket should be strong and durable. Keep that in mind while buying wicker laundry baskets. The truth is, wicker is sturdy, but it needs some love to stay the same for a long time.

4. Finishing

Don't forget to bring out the detective in you to find little cracks and sloppy edges while buying wicker laundry baskets. This is pretty important not just because the fibers that stick out can be distracting but also because its sharp edges can hurt. A perfectly woven wicker basket is pure sophistication (that's the one you need).

5. Portability

Carrying baskets without a handle is no fun, let alone heavy ones. It doesn't matter if your laundry basket is going to sit in a corner forever. But if you're planning to move it around, look for the ones with handles (like in this picture).

blanket in a wicker basket

6. The Base

Swooning over the truly gorgeous baskets, we often forget to check if the base is round or flat. The flat ones can stay straight on floors, carpets, or even the thick and bumpy rugs. But do not expect the round wicker baskets to do something they simply can't. Select the wicker basket with the base that is right for you and your room.

wicker baskets with flat and round base

7. Overall appearance

I'm not going to rant on about this as we all, at some point, compromise a li'l bit of quality if it is a stunning addition to the home decor. Search for baskets that look super chic and are of the best quality. Personally, I'd choose the basket that goes with the rustic style of my bedroom. Because the right wicker baskets can look irresistible. Imagine it being in your room (think about the color of your walls) for help deciding.

Want to change the colour of your wicker basket? Here's how to paint your wicker basket correctly.

Ta-da! A bit of attention to these details will help you buy the perfect wicker laundry baskets. And the best part? They don't often come in hefty price tags. Ever since I stumbled upon these baskets, it has been an absolute game-changer for my laundry storage.

Why does wicker stand out from the rest?

Surely, wicker laundry baskets are not the only one out there for your laundry storage. Here are a few other types of laundry baskets that are popular in the markets.

Plastic laundry baskets- These are affordable and easy to carry around. But Nah, I wouldn't want to destroy the relaxed, natural vibe in my room with a plastic laundry basket. Most of them are durable and would stay for long (but plastic!!! Go green, guys).

Mesh laundry baskets- Well, I agree that these are super easy to transport as they fold into compact sizes. Also, we can see what's inside our laundry baskets (although that is not a necessity). But these can go through some wear and tear within a short period.

Steel laundry baskets- These will work fine if you don't mind a bit of weight lifting. Also, they last long, they are likely to cost you a fortune. If you ask me, I'd not prefer this one as I move around my dirty laundry and the newly washed ones.

steel. plastic and mesh laundry wicker baskets

Wicker laundry baskets, on the other hand, are easy to carry around (especially the ones with handles), durable, and not pricey. Above all, their established style does not fail to steal our hearts.

Common problems wicker basket users face

Like any other product, wicker baskets have their own troubles. Since the natural ones are made of plant fibers, they absorb moisture from your wet clothes. This may lead to discoloration and the growth of mold and mildew. If you're like me, this shouldn't be a problem. Soon after doing my laundry, I hand 'em up on the washing line. Simply put, I don't leave the wet clothes in my wicker basket for long.

For a detailed guide on cleaning your wicker basket, check out this cleaning guide.

As I stated earlier, do a bit of research on how big you want your laundry basket to be before buying one. Also, be sure to contemplate the base of your laundry basket (round or flat). Handles or no handles is yet another feature to consider. As for me, the ones with handles make my life a lot easier. Ask yourself if you want a laundry basket with a lid or no lid. I've got one with a lid in my bedroom and one without a lid where I do my laundry.

Also, before you buy, look for unfinished edges and sides. Inquire if the sides of the wicker basket shed when rubbed against the furniture. And if you're into synthetic wicker baskets, make sure that the paint used is non-toxic.

Wicker laundry basket users commonly report these problems, but as you can see, if you do a bit of research before buying one, you'll get the best bang for your buck.

Wicker Laundry Baskets ideas that are nothing short of genius

Now don't go hard on your adorable wicker baskets. Give them a chance to show off not only in the laundry room but also in other places (it's showtime mama!). Read on to find some of our favorite finds worthy of the #wickerbasket hashtag on instagram.

1. A wardrobe essential

Wicker laundry baskets would make a great addition to your lounging wardrobe. You can use them to separate whites from the colored ones to go into the washer. Or use them just to store the most-used thrifted pieces. I usually put the dried clothes in these baskets if I'm too lazy to fold 'em.

wicker baskets with clothes

2. Near the washer

I'm swooning over how gorgeous these laundry areas are. Look how beautifully they've placed the baskets. Chic and functional. You can place one for the wet clothes and another for the dried ones. This can help if your wicker basket absorbs too much moisture from the wet clothes.

wicker baskets near laundry area

3. Everyone needs their own laundry basket

In my opinion, everyone should have their own laundry basket. Keeping the used clothes of all the family members in a single basket doesn't look very clean to me. Look at this adorable space where each one has their own laundry basket (and tags too!). Now that's pretty cool, don't you think?

wicker baskets separately arranged

And that's a wrap! If these don't pique your interest, trying them out in your own home will. But let me tell you something, wicker laundry baskets have more to offer than great aesthetics and well, laundry storage. I use them to store a variety of great stuff. Be it toys, kitchen towels, blankets, pillows, purses, shoes, and whatnot. And it's official: I'm obsessed with this one.

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