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Mellowpine is the #1 source on the internet for CNC and Laser Engraving Enthusiasts.

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We create some of the best reviews and tutorials on CNC and Laser Engraving.

In all our content we focus on making it as detailed and simple as possible for the reader.

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V Susan-Mellowpine


V Susan is the editorial director at MellowPine.

A passionate blogger and DIY'er, she likes to inspire people through her content and build a connection with them.


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Unni Mellowpine


Unni is a laser and CNC expert at Mellowpine. He's also the face of the Mellowpine Lasers YouTube channel. If you have any questions related to CNCs or Lasers, he'd be happy to answer them. Reach him at mail@mellowpine.com



John is an engineer, a hobby CNC builder, and a maker. With an education from some of the best schools, he's been tinkering with CNCs for a long time. Currently, he works as a consultant for business owners and hobbyists setting up their own CNCs. When he's not working, he obsesses over new products and technologies in the CNC and 3D printing world.

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At Mellowpine we are dedicated to delivering practical and inspiring content. As such, we are constantly seeking highly skilled and experienced online freelance writers who align with our mission.

It is important to note that we do not consider unsolicited contributions in the form of guest-authored articles, blog posts, infographics, or other forms of content.

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