Best CNC Dust Collectors [2022] for a Clean Shop

Best CNC Dust Collectors [2022] for a Clean Shop

Best CNC Dust Collectors [2022] for a Clean Shop

If you’ve worked with CNC routers, you know they produce a lot of dust.

The dust gets everywhere, inside your machinery, on the floor, on tables, and pretty much all over the place.

This is why a CNC dust collector is a necessary addition to most shops.

A dust collection system includes a dust collector, the hose, and a dust shoe.

In this guide, I talk about the best dust collectors you can choose.

I compiled this list after considering them for their power, CFM, filter, storage capacity, and overall performance.

However, if your projects are on small materials and your budget is limited you can consider buying a shop vac.

Dust collectors are different from shop vac and vary in performance and capacity.

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Best Dust Collectors For Your CNC Router

1. Oneida Air Systems Dust Cobra Cyclonic HEPA Dust Extractor

Oneida Cobra Dust Collector
Oneida Cobra Dust Collector
Power1 hp
Storage Capacity35 gallons; 4.67 cubic feet
Filter Size0.3 micron HEPA

Quick summary of Oneida Cobra Dust Collector

Oneida is an American brand based in New York that manufactures dust collectors and other accessories for dust collections.

The Cobra Cyclonic HEPA extractor is a premium two-stage dust collector and costs around $1,100. You can buy it from the official website of Oneida.

It has a footprint of 22.5” x 22.5” with a height of 4’11”. There is a smaller version available, but the dust storage capacity would become half.

It has a dust storage capacity of 35 gallons which translates to roughly 2 hours of continuous woodworking usage using a CNC router with a 4hp spindle before you need to empty the dust collector.

The Dust Cobra has HEPA-rated filters. This means you can use it indoors and in places where it is not possible to release the exhaust air into the open. 

The HEPA filters ensure that the air released is safe to breathe.

It has a 1 hp motor that can evacuate around 250 CFM of air, sufficient for woodworking on a hobby and small capacity CNC routers.

The Dust Cobra typically draws 15 A of current, and you will need to provide a 20A breaker.

It has a vacuum port with a 4” diameter and uses a 0.3-micron filter.

This dust collector is quieter when compared to other dust collectors and produces 73 dB of noise at 10 feet.

The build quality of Dust Cobra is good, and it is a durable machine. In addition, Oneida provides a one-year warranty for the Dust Cobra.

All in all, the Dust Cobra is an excellent machine for small shops and hobbyists who want to use their CNC routers in enclosed spaces.

2. BUCKTOOL 1.2 HP Auto Start 750CFM

Bucktool dust collector
Bucktool dust collector
Power1.2 hp
Storage Capacity5.4 cubic feet
Filter Size2.5 micron

Quick summary of Bucktool dust collector

It is a single-stage dust collector that is rated at 1.2 hp with a capacity of 750 CFM.

This dust collector has a 16 ½” x 26 ⅜” footprint and comes with a wheeled base that makes it easier to move it around.

5 feet of 4” vacuum hose is provided with the machine, which is not sufficient for CNC routers, and you will have to purchase an additional hose.

The dust bag provided has a capacity of 5.4 cubic feet which is a moderate capacity.

At the maximum draw, this dust collector can draw a maximum of 7A of current.

For example, if you use a 4hp spindle on hardwood, you can remove approximately 95 cubic inches of material every minute.

That translates to around 1.5 hours of constant operation. Typically it means you can operate your machine for about 2.5 hours before you need to empty the dust bag.

The dust collector works at 3450 RPM and uses a 2.5-micron filter which is quite good for woodworking and machining metal.

BUCKTOOL 1.2 HP Auto Start 750CFM
  • Power:1.2 HP, 120V motor, 3450 RPM,750CFM CSA listed . Full load Amp 6.5A.
  • Auto-start function:User friendly auto-start function provides power outlet for your power tools, no longer need to find a new outlet for your tools but also reduces the trouble of frequent opening and closing, can be connected with machine 7A Max

3. Grizzly Industrial G1028Z2

Grizzly Industrial G1028Z2 dust collector
Grizzly Industrial G1028Z2 dust collector
Power1.5 hp
Storage Capacity5.7 cubic feet
Filter Size2.5 micron

Quick summary of Grizzly Industrial G1028Z2 dust collector

Grizzly Industrial is a popular brand that makes CNC lathes, CNC mills, and industrial machine tools.

Grizzly Industrial makes the G1028Z2 a sturdy and reliable single-stage dust collector.

You will need a floor space of 21.5” x 33.5” to place this dust collector. Additionally, it comes with wheels on its base, which allows you to move it easily.

It has a motor rated at 1.5 hp and can displace 1300 cubic feet of air per minute. At the maximum draw, the dust collector draws a current of 12 A.

The G1028Z2 has two 4” ports, and the high rate of evacuation will allow you to collect dust from multiple machines simultaneously.

The filter on this dust collector can stop particles that are less than 2.5 microns in size and is suitable for most dust produced during CNC routing.

This dust collector can store 5.7 cubic feet of dust and debris in the collection bag, which translates to around 3 hours of operation on a 4hp CNC router cutting hardwood before you need to empty the dust collector.

Vacuum hoses to connect to your CNC machine are not provided with the machine, and you will have to purchase them separately.

If you want a rugged machine designed to handle heavy loads, the Grizzly Industrial G1028Z2 dust collector can be an affordable choice.

Grizzly Industrial G1028Z2
  • Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 120V/240V, single-phase, 3450 RPM, prewired 120V
  • Motor amp draw: 12A at 120V/6A at 240V

4. JET DC-1200VX-CK1 Dust Collector

Jet DC-1200VX-CK1 dust collector
Jet DC-1200VX-CK1 dust collector
Power2 hp
Storage Capacity5.3 cubic feet
Filter Size2 micron

Quick summary of Jet DC-1200VX-CK1 dust collector

Jet Tools is an American brand that was started in 1958 in Washington. They make reliable tools and material processing equipment.

The DC-1200VX-CK1 dust collector is an industrial-grade machine designed for prolonged periods of operation.

It has a 37.5” x 22.5” footprint and sits on wheels, which helps you move it around easily.

A testament to the build quality is the five-year warranty you get for the machine from Jet tools.

It is a single-stage dust collector with a rated power of 2 hp and can displace 1200 cubic feet of air per minute.

The collection bag can store upto 5.3 cubic feet of dust and debris that lets you work for around 3 hours without emptying the bag when using a 4hp spindle for woodworking.

The filter used on this dust collector is rated for 2 microns and stops most dust from cutting metals, wood, and other soft materials.

You can attach two 4” ducts to this dust collector, and the high flow rate also means you can use it for multiple CNC routers simultaneously.

Overall, the Jet DC-1200VX-CK1 dust collector is an excellent choice if you require heavy-duty operation from your dust collector.

JET DC-1200VX-CK1 Dust Collector
  • CONTINUOUS DUTY: Permanently lubricated, totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors.
  • FAST DEBRIS REMOVAL: Quick-connect collection bags with elastic band.

Buyers Guide: What to Consider when buying a CNC Dust Collector

1. Type of Dust Collector

The type of dust collector you need is determined by the quality of exhaust air you want.

If you are using the dust collector inside a room and you have to let the exhaust air back into the room, you need a dust collector that expels clean air.

A two-stage air filter with HEPA filters becomes a necessity in such situations. However, if you can arrange for the exhaust to be in the open, you could use a single-stage dust collector.

2. Power of the Dust Collector

Power determines the rate of removal of dust. If your CNC router produces less dust per minute, you can choose a dust collector with a low power rating.

For most hobbyists and single machine applications, a 1 hp to 1.5 hp dust collector is sufficient.

3. CFM of the Dust Collector

It is the rate at which the dust collector removes air. CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute.

It is a measure of the suction power of the dust collector. Typically for removing wood chips and dust from a woodworking CNC router, a CFM of around 400 is recommended.

If you intend to use multiple CNC routers simultaneously, make sure you add up the CFM required for each router and select a dust collector with the total CFM required by all the machines operating together.

4. Storage capacity of the Dust Collector

It is the amount of dust and debris that your dust collector can store before it is completely filled.

If you are working on large projects that generate lots of dust and debris with a low-capacity dust collector, you will have to empty the dust collector more often.

For example, if you are using a CNC router for machining aluminum the dust produced is low compared to woodworking and you can work with a small storage capacity for a long time.

So choose a storage size that will let you work comfortably without changing the dust bag frequently.

5. Filter size

The size of the filter determines the number of dust particles present in the exhaust air. 

The air from a filter with a size of more than 3-5 microns is not ideal to be re-circulated within the room.

If you are cutting materials that produce fumes or very fine dust particles, you need to use a 0.3-micron filter to make the air fit for breathing.

Ideally, you can use a 3-micron filter for cutting most materials like metal, wood, plastics, and other soft materials. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 How loud is a dust collector?

 Typically a quiet dust collector can produce 70 - 85 dB of noise. The sound is generated by the motor, the fan and the flow of air. You can reduce the noise inside your shop by directing the exhaust port outside the shop.

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