How To Make a Small Wooden Spice Rack

How To Make a Small Wooden Spice Rack

How To Make a Small Wooden Spice Rack

Hey guys this is Susan. So we were looking to build a small wooden spice rack for our small kitchen and got inspired by a great product on crate and barrel. So we redesigned the spice rack a bit to our liking. This build is real simple if you follow the dimensions carefully. Once all the cuts are ready and correct, it's a piece of cake to assemble it and finish it. Hope you like this project!

Also we have the entire build video down below along with the plans and steps.

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DIY Small Wooden Spice Rack-Build Video

Build Video

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Things you need for this build



Plan for this Build

spice rack plan
Plan for the Spice Rack
Plan for 13 inch pieces
Plan for 13 inch pieces
Plan for 19 inch pieces
Plan for 19 inch pieces

How To Build The Small Wooden Spice Rack

Step 1: So for this build we need a lot of 4 ¼ inch wide pieces. So first we cut out 4 ¼ inch wide boards with a circular saw.

Step 2: From these boards, we cut out four 13 ½ inch long pieces and 4 other pieces which are 19 3/4 inches, which forms the major pieces for the spice rack. We did that using the miter saw. After that, we cut out four numbers of 4 ¾ inch long pieces for the ends of the spice rack as well.

cutting wood on miter saw
cutting all the 4 1/4 inch boards to the right lengths

Step 3: Once we had that done we planed all the pieces on all sides using a planer which made them all 4 inches wide.

planing wood
planing the wood to 4 inches

Step 4: Next we had to mark the slots which have to be cut out for joining the pieces. Refer to the plan above for knowing the measurements to mark. So first we did this for the 19 3/4 inch long pieces. We marked the widths between each slot using a reference piece. This would be more accurate and faster than using a tape to mark 4 inches.

marking the cuts on wood
marking the slots on the pieces
wood pieces with the slots marked

Step 5: So once that was done, the next step was to transfer the measurements from one piece to another. We did that by holding the pieces together and transferring the lines. After that, we repeated the same steps for the 13½ inch pieces as well.

Step 6: Next we had to mark the mid points of all the pieces to mark the end of the slots.

Step 7: So after we completed marking the mid points, we made two cuts in each slot with a jig saw and then cut out all the slots from each piece using a chisel and a hammer. We had to do some finishing using the chisel to remove splinters.

cutting wood with jigsaw
cutting the slots using jigsaw
wood with slots cut
the wood with slots cut
using chisel to take out the wood from the slot
using chisel to take out the wood from the slot

Step 8: Now it is time for some sanding. We sanded down all the pieces up to 220 grit using our orbital sander.

sanding the pieces
sanding the pieces
all pieces ready after sanding for dry fit
all pieces ready after sanding for dry fit

Step 9: Once we had that done, we moved on to the dry fitting. we did the dry fit using a mallet. It was really nice to see all the pieces fitting together correctly. Trust me, you'll love it too.

dry fit check for the spice rack
dry fit check for the spice rack

Step 10: After we checked the dry fit, we took out all the pieces and applied glue in all the slots, and then put them back together. We used glue and nails to fix the end pieces of the spice rack.

gluing the pieces together
gluing the pieces together
nailing the pieces together
nailing the end pieces on to the rack

Step 11: After the glue dried up, we sanded down the entire piece up to 320 grit. Then we applied danish oil on the entire spice rack. After waiting for 15 minutes, we wiped down the entire thing using a piece of cloth.

applying danish oil on spice rack
applying danish oil on spice rack
spice rack after applying danish oil
DIY spice rack

Great! There you have the small wooden spice rack that you can add to your kitchen collection. Although there are a lot of measurements and cuts, trust me you'll love the feeling when everything just fits together nicely. On the plus side, this rack can be rested horizontally as well as vertically. This is a rack design that is not too big so it can fit in a small kitchen.

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wood spice rack

how to make a small wooden spice rack

Yield: small wooden spice rack
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour
Additional Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 4 hours 15 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Cost: $20

DIY small wooden spice rack build using scrap wood



  1. Cut out 4 1/4 inch wide boards for all the pieces4 inch wood pieces
  2. Cut out four pieces each of 13-1/2 inch, 19-3/4 inch, and 4-3/4 inch lengths using the miter sawcutting wood using miter saw
  3. plane down all the pieces to 4 inch width planing the wood
  4. mark the slots on the 13-1/2 inch and 19-3/4 inch pieces as per the plan marking the slot
  5. Cut out the slots using a jigsaw and a chisel cutting the slots using jigsaw
  6. Sand all the pieces sanding all the pieces
  7. Dry fit to check before glue up dry fit spice rack
  8. Glue the pieces together and fit all into the slots as per the plan gluing the spice rack
  9. Use a nailer to fix the 4 end pieces of 4-3/4 inch length nailing the end pieces
  10. Finish using danish oil. danish oil on spice rack


Make any adjustments required after checking the dry fit.

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