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Atomstack A24 Pro Review and Tests: Good Choice?



Hey I'm Unni. I am a laser and CNC expert at Mellowpine. You can also find me on Mellowpine Lasers YouTube channel. If you have any questions related to CNCs or Lasers, I'd be happy to answer them. Reach me at mail@mellowpine.com


Atomstack A24 Pro

Atomstack is rebuilding their classic A-series machines, and their new second-generation variants have a lot of improvements.

This article will test and review one of their new machine, Atomstack A24 Pro, to see how it performs. I’ll also compare it with other similar lasers.

Powerful 24W laserWork area expansibility is limited
Affordable pricing
Sturdy aluminum frame
Supports many accessories
Pros and cons of Atomstack A24 Pro

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Quick takeaways from our tests.

  • The AtomStack A24 Pro’s powerful 24W laser allows cutting through 12mm of pine and 8mm of black acrylic in just a few passes.
  • It has a small laser spot size of 0.06 x 0.06mm, enabling very detailed and precise engraving work. At 423 DPI max resolution, it exceeds typical printer resolutions.
  • Cutting and engraving quality is impressive for the price. Performance seems on par with some CO2 lasers.
  • The machine feels very sturdy due to the one-piece aluminum frame and improved linear motion components.
  • Useful features like crosshair guides, limit switches on all sides, and integrated cable management make operation more convenient.
  • There is room for accessories like rotary, air assist, and offline controller to enhance capabilities further.

Not a reader? Watch our in-depth review video of Atomstack A24 Pro.

YouTube video
Atomstack A24 Pro Review

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Testing Atomstack A24 Pro: How did it perform?

I tried cutting a 12mm thick pine wood at 90 mm/min speed, using 100% power (24W) in one pass, with the 30 psi air assist running.

As you can see, the cut edge has a lot of charring. It could have been avoided by increasing the speed and cutting it in multiple passes.

12mm pine wood cut on A24 Pro
12mm pine wood cut on A24 Pro

I also cut an 8mm thick black acrylic with 100% power at 100 mm/min in two passes. I had the air assist running at 30 psi, and the cut edge was smooth with minimal melting.

Acrylic cut using A24 Pro
Acrylic cut using A24 Pro

A laser with a square spot size can provide incredible results during engraving. Atomstack A24 has a 0.06 x 0.06 mm spot size which is perfect for engraving jobs.

I engraved a design on glass with 70% power at 1000 mm/min speed. The engraving had a clear white appearance.

Glass engraved using A24 Pro
Glass engraved using A24 Pro

To engrave a greyscale image on wood, I ran the laser at 3% to 32% power range and 13,000 mm/min speed.

The engraving turned out great, with clear details. As you can see, small details like the whiskers and hair of the tiger are easily noticeable.

Wood engraved using A24 Pro
Wood engraved using A24 Pro

I also tried engraving on black acrylic at 10,000 mm/min and 65% power. The engraving turned out great, and I cut out the design with 100% power and 200 mm/min in two passes.

Acrylic engraved using A24 Pro
Acrylic engraved using A24 Pro

Atomstack A24 Pro Review

ParametersAtomstack A24 Pro
Laser TypeDiode
Output Power24W
Laser FocusManual
Spot Size0.06 x 0.06 mm
Resolution423 DPI
Work Area365 x 305 mm
TransmissionBelt-driven X and Y axis
Stepper motorNEMA 17
Max speed600 mm/sec
Limit switchesYes (on all 4 corners)
CameraNot available
(comes with enclosure upgrade)
Offline ControlYes, as upgrade
Connectivity USB, Wi-Fi
RotaryAvailable as upgrade
Honeycomb bedAvailable as upgrade
Air AssistYes
(pump available as upgrade)
SoftwareAtomStack APP ,LaserGRBL, LightBurn
AssemblyUnder 15 minutes
Warranty1 Year
PriceCheck price
A quick overview of Atomstack A24 Pro

Atomstack A24 Pro comes in a neatly packed box. When you first receive that machine, you’ll have to assemble a few components to get it fully ready.

Unboxing Atomstack A24 Pro
Unboxing Atomstack A24 Pro

Inside the package, you’ll find the main one-piece aluminum frame already put together with the gantry, electronics, transmission, etc. So setting up the machine is not that difficult.

You simply slide the laser module into the track on top of the frame and connect some wires. That’s it. 

Atomstack has a YouTube video walking you through each step if you need visual guidance. For me, the assembly took around 15 minutes.

Once assembled, you’ll immediately notice the clean red aesthetics of the A24 Pro. Despite the low price point, this engraver definitely feels more premium with its sturdy build.

The A24 Pro is relatively compact with a 365 x 305 mm work area, which is comparatively less than other 20W and 24W engravers.

Atomstack A24 Pro with xTool D1 Pro
Atomstack A24 Pro with xTool D1 Pro

Because of the one-piece design of the frame, conventional ways of work area expansion might not be possible on A24 Pro.

However, I came across an automatic conveyor feeder accessory package on their website that allows you to process larger projects along the Y-axis.

Automatic conveyor feeder for A24 Pro
Automatic conveyor feeder for A24 Pro

A24 Pro implements belt drives on both axes using NEMA 17 stepper motors, with a timing shaft on the Y-axis to synchronize dual ends and reduce skew.

The timing shaft on the Y-axis
The timing shaft on the Y-axis

The X-axis utilizes steel rollers riding on steel guides, while the Y-axis uses linear bearings on steel rods, a design reminiscent of CNC routers.

Steel rail and rollers on the X-axis
Steel rail and rollers on the X-axis

This combination of synchronized dual-Y plus linear motion components provides fast and accurate positioning critical for laser engraving.

Its transmission speed is rated at 600mm/s, or 36,000mm/min, the same as costly lasers like xTool D1 Pro.

Ports featured on the right side of the front frame provide connectivity for rotary attachments, Wi-Fi, USB, and more. Atomstack clearly designed this machine for versatile functionality.

Ports on A24 Pro
Ports on A24 Pro

You’ll also find the power key and switch conveniently accessible on the front and sides rather than the rear.

This thoughtful design enables you to easily plug things in and power on/off without having to reach behind, like in some machines.

Power and machine lock switched on the front frame
The power switch and machine lock on the front frame

Atomstack A24 Pro features a 24W laser module. Combining four 6W diodes, this fixed-focus blue laser delivers substantial cutting and engraving power at a bargain price point.

Laser module on Atomstack A24 Pro
Laser module on Atomstack A24 Pro

To maximize the life span and beam stability, Atomstack engineered the module for enhanced cooling and heat dissipation. 

Fan inside the laser module of A24 Pro
Fan inside the laser module of A24 Pro

Atomstack has used an improved beam coupling technology on this module, providing a square laser spot size of 0.06 x 0.06 mm. This tight beam focus contributes to fine detail and precision.

While the laser lacks auto-focus, the manual thumb screw adjuster allows quick and easy refocusing between jobs. Just remember to refocus whenever switching materials of varying thickness.

Thumbnail screws on the laser module mount
Thumbnail screws on the laser module mount

No laser is complete without proper safety precautions. The A24 Pro checks all the boxes when it comes to protecting you.

The machine includes a gyroscope sensor that automatically shuts off the laser if tilted or shaken.

Limit switches enable auto-homing before each job, preventing the gantry from crashing into the frame if positional data is lost. There are four limit switches, one for each corner.

Limit switch on A24 Pro
Limit switch on A24 Pro

Whenever any limit switch gets triggered, the machine will alert you with a sound and prevent the gantry from crashing into the frame. 

While the removable optical glass shield on the laser module provides eye protection, you shouldn’t rely solely on this.

Always wear appropriate laser goggles for full coverage from all angles. Thankfully Atomstack includes a quality pair in the box.

A thoughtful wire drag chain running along the Y-axis prevents cables from interfering with laser head motion.

Drag chain on A24 Pro
Drag chain on A24 Pro

Also, convenient mounting brackets allow you to clip on the wires and air-assist tubing for a streamlined setup.

The A24 Pro works with both LightBurn and LaserGRBL software. While Atomstack provides its own software, I found it lacking some important features.

Working on LightBurn
Working on LightBurn

Connecting via USB cable took seconds, and Atomstack includes a WiFi antenna for untethered wireless control.

One of the advantages of the A24 Pro is expandability through add-ons. Atomstack offers many accessories like offline touchscreen control, rotary modules, air assist, workbed, etc.

A24 Pro easily integrates with all of Atomstack’s accessories right out of the box. Taking advantage of these can significantly boost the functionality to suit different applications.

Atomstack provides a one-year warranty for the A24 Pro laser machine. For support, you can contact them via email or the form on their website.

How does A24 Pro Compare to Other 20W and 24W Lasers?

xTool D1 Pro and Atomstack A24 Pro
xTool D1 Pro and Atomstack A24 Pro

With its red frame and laser component, the A24 Pro bears a resemblance to the xTool D1 Pro.

However, when you compare the price, the full A24 Pro system has a retail cost that is approximately equal to the stand-alone xTool 20W laser module, which sells for about $600.

Looking at worth, the A24 Pro provides superior value by bundling comparable components to the xTool at a competitive market price point.

Also, upon checking the spot size of the high-powered laser module on the A24 Pro. It’s smaller than what xTool D1 Pro provides.

This means better concentration of the laser power, allowing better cutting and engraving performance.

Although the A24 Pro’s total working space falls short of 20W and 24W laser engravers from ATEZR, iKier, Comgrow, xTool, and Ortur, its cost positions it in a more affordable tier.

By pricing the A24 Pro below machines with larger engraving capacity, Atomstack targets buyers with more modest workspace requirements who prioritize value.

This allows the A24 Pro to carve out a niche for hobbyists and small businesses rather than directly competing in specifications with higher-end models.

Final Thoughts: So, Who is the A24 Pro for?

For just $600, it’s impressive to witness such professional-grade performance from a diode laser.

The A24 Pro packs an unmatched combination of value and production-level output.

As an entry-level machine or upgrade from a basic model, the AtomStack A24 Pro represents a compelling option to consider.

The majority of engravers in this price range utilize 10W or less, so the 24W diode laser here is a major advantage.

Other emerging 24W choices like Longer, iKier, and Atezr exist but with higher costs versus the A24 Pro. AtomStack hits the sweet spot of power and affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful Atomstack laser?

X40 Pro, S40 Pro, and A40 Pro are the most powerful lasers from Atomstack. These lasers have a maximum output power of 48W, which is achieved using eight 6W lasers.

What is the lifespan of a standard Atomstack laser?

The standard lifetime of an Atomstack laser module, such as the diode laser used in the Atomstack X7, is about 10,000 hours. However, other IR models, like the Atomstack R30 V2, have a longer service life of 100,000 hours.

How much will it cost to replace an Atomstack laser head?

Based on pricing listed on the Atomstack website, replacing one of their laser diode modules can range from $80 to $750, depending on the wattage and model. For example, their M150 33W laser module with 6 diode cores is currently listed at $739. Meanwhile, the M100 20W version bundled with an air assist kit is selling for $499. The variation depends on whether you want to match the existing wattage or upgrade or downgrade in power based on your engraving/cutting requirements.

Hey I'm Unni. I am a laser and CNC expert at Mellowpine. You can also find me on Mellowpine Lasers YouTube channel. If you have any questions related to CNCs or Lasers, I'd be happy to answer them. Reach me at mail@mellowpine.com