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Buildbotics CNC Controller Review [2023]- Powerful

Buildbotics controller

If you are building a CNC router or converting your manual machine to CNC, setting up the electronics involved in controlling the machine can be overwhelming. This is where the Buildbotics controller steps in as a powerful plug-and-play solution for controlling your CNC router. With a raspberry pi at its core, it offers some unique … Read more

ShopSabre 23 Review-Desktop CNC Router

ShopSabre 23 CNC router

ShopSabre 23 is the desktop CNC offering from ShopSabre a CNC brand that’s known for its industrial CNC routers. With high-quality construction, ShopSabre 23 is made for those who need industrial performance at a desktop size (30″x40″) In this review, I assess the ShopSabre 23 CNC router on various parameters like size, build quality, linear … Read more

ShopSabre RC8 CNC Review [2023]-For Businesses

ShopSabre RC8 CNC router

ShopSabre RC8 is an entry-level industrial-grade CNC router built for businesses needing high performance. With a welded metal heavy build, the RC8 is highly popular among 4×8 CNC routers costing over $20k. In this review, I evaluate the ShopSabre RC8 CNC router on various parameters like size, chassis, linear motion, software, controller and electronics, accessories, … Read more

CNC4newbie New-Carve CNC Review [2023]

New-Carve CNC Router

New-Carve is a CNC router from CNC4newbie, a Canada-based brand that’s gaining popularity in the hobby CNC world. What’s remarkable about this CNC is the extreme customizability options it provides in terms of size and choice of components. In this review, I look at each aspect of this CNC router to help you decide whether … Read more