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Best Laser Cutter Companies in 2023



John Abraham
Hey I'm John. I write about Manufacturing, Metalworking, CNCs and Lasers at Mellowpine. If you have any questions related to CNCs or Lasers, I'd be happy to answer them. Reach me at mail@mellowpine.com


Laser Cutter Companies

Many companies make laser cutter machines, but only the best companies put in continuous research and development to improve performance and reduce cost.

This article lists the best laser cutter companies that produce quality laser cutters and engravers.

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Laser Cutter Companies

CompanyCountry of Origin
1.Triumph LaserChina
5.IPG PhotonicsUSA
11.Kern Laser SystemsUSA
12.Full Spectrum LaserUSA
List of laser cutter companies/brands

1. Triumph Laser

Triumph laser logo
Triumph laser logo (Source: Triumph)

Triumph Laser is a Chinese manufacturer. They make hobby and industrial-grade machines in different configurations.

Their website has many sample projects made using their machines on different materials. You can refer to those for a better understanding of the capabilities of their lasers.

Machines from Triumph are quite popular in laser marking applications. They provide machines with MOPA, CO2, UV, and fiber laser sources.

For support, you can contact Triumph via phone or email. They offer good after-sales support and extend technical support through tutorials, remote maintenance, etc.

2. Triumpf

Triumpf laser logo
Triumpf laser logo (Source: Triumpf)

Trumpf might sound similar to Triumph, but both are different companies.

Triumpf is a German machine tool manufacturer. In addition to laser machines, they also make punching machines, bending machines, storage, and automation systems.

Triumpf Inc. is their subsidiary in North America. Likewise, they maintain a worldwide presence.

You can find if they have a local presence in your county on their website.

For queries or service support, your can contact Triumpf through phone, email, or the online contact form.

3. Glowforge

Glowforge logo
Glowforge logo (Source: Glowforge)

Glowforge is a UK-based laser manufacturer headquartered in the US.

Their machines are favored among hobbyists and businesses. Glowforge Pro is one of their most popular laser machines.

It is a tabletop laser cutter known for its 3D laser engraving capabilities.

Glowforge offers 6–12 months of warranty for their machines, and you can contact them for support via phone and email.

4. xTool

xTool logo (Source: xTool)
xTool logo (Source: xTool)

xTool is a Chinese brand that is relatively new but has established its presence in the laser cutter market with its powerful diode lasers.

The xtool D1 pro was one of its most popular diode lasers that offers 40W laser power, making it capable of cutting and engraving a variety of materials.

With the launch of their xTool P2 laser cutter in 2023, the brand stepped into the CO2 laser cutter domain.

The P2 laser cutter consists of a powerful 55W CO2 laser, making it ideal for hobbyists and small-scale businesses.

All the xTool laser machines come with a 1-year warranty, and they provide excellent customer support in various parts of the world, including the USA.

For assistance, you can contact them via phone or email, or watch their video tutorial guides to resolve any issues.

5.IPG Photonics

IPG Photonics logo
IPG Photonics logo (source: IPG)

IPG Photonics is a Nasdaq-listed laser machine manufacturer from the United States.

It is a renowned laser brand in fiber laser machines. Many brands use their fiber laser sources.

LaserCube, ILT Versa, ILT 3000, Multi-axis Standard/Compact, and robotics-integrated laser cutters are some of their popular laser systems.

They also allow you to order custom builds based on your requirements.

IPG provides training for its customers. For queries, you can contact them via phone or by filling up the online form on their website.

6. Coherent

Coherent logo
Coherent logo (Source: coherent)

Coherent Inc. is a US-based company that makes laser systems and parts.

They have been in business for a long time, and many laser manufacturers use Coherent’s laser sources on their machines.

Coherent has a wide range of laser systems. This includes direct-diode laser, fiber laser, CO2 laser, UV laser, etc.

Their machines are employed in numerous industries like medicine, manufacturing, military, aerospace, etc.

Coherent has a local presence in most countries through its partners. You can contact any of them for support or directly reach out to Coherent.

7. Raycus

Raycus laser logo
Raycus laser logo (Source: Raycus)

Raycus or Wuhan Raycus is a Chinese laser manufacturer focusing on fiber laser technology.

They are known for their achievements in building different high-powered continuous and pulsed wave laser sources.

From Raycus, you can get single-mode, multi-mode, QCW, Q-switched, Adjustable Beam Profile, MOPA, and Direct diode filer lasers.

Laser products from Raycus are used by other popular brands like Boss, FSL, OMTech, Triumph, etc., on their laser cutter machines.

8. OMTech

OMtech logo
OMtech logo (Source: OMTech Laser)

OMTech is a Chinese machine tools manufacturer that makes laser machines for hobbyists and business applications.

They have powerful CO2 and fiber laser machines of different sizes that are affordable for DIY users and small-scale businesses.

OMTech 60W CO2 Laser and OMTech FM1212-50S are very popular. They offer a standard 2-year warranty for their laser machines.

They extend customer support through phone, email, or through their website. They also have a local presence in about 30 different countries worldwide.

9. Epilog Laser

Epilog Laser
Epilog Laser (Source: Epilog)

Epilog is a US-based laser machine tool manufacturer. They have been in business for more than 30 years and have a direct local presence in the US, Canada, and The Netherlands.

Some of the popular machines from them include the Legend 36EXT and Fusion Pro 24.

You can get these machines with a fiber or CO2 laser source. They also offer dual-source versions for the Fusion Pro 24 and 48.

Epilog allows you to customize your machine depending on your need. You can also get laser-compatible accessories from them.

All the laser machines from Epilog come with a manufacturer’s warranty. For queries, you can contact them by phone or email.

10. Flux

Flux logo
Flux logo (Source: Flux)

Flux Inc. is a Taiwanese laser manufacturer with resellers across different countries. You can find out if one is available in your country on their Find Local Resellers page.

They make compact desktop laser machines like the Flux Beamo and Beambox. Their newest machine, Hexa, is the largest machine they offer.

Flux offers a survey-based machine selection system where they recommend the best laser cutter for you based on your needs.

Their machines are covered under a 1-year warranty. For queries, you contact them via their “contact us” page.

11. Kern Laser Systems

Kern Laser Systems logo
Kern Laser Systems logo (Source: Kern)

Kern is a US-based laser manufacturer. It has distributors in the major parts of the world.

Their product line includes large and small laser systems with fiber and CO2 modules.

Kern’s Optidual is a dual laser system, meaning it has two cutting heads that can operate at the same time. It is a good pick for businesses looking to run increased production output.

They provide their own software to work with their machines.

You can contact Kern through phone, email, or an online form for a demo or other queries.

12. FSL

FSL Logo
FSL Logo (Source: FSL)

Full Spectrum Laser (FSL) is a US-based manufacturer of CO2, fiber, and UV laser machines.

These machines are built for DIY and small-scale business applications. Their most popular machines are the Muse and MC Series laser cutters.

FSL has its proprietary software, RetinaEngrave, for you to work with.

When comparing Muse laser cutters with Glowforge laser cutters, FLS provides comparatively more accessories to upgrade your laser cutter as per your requirements.

They offer a 1-year warranty for their laser machines. If you want, you can extend the warranty for an additional year.

For customer support, you can contact them through phone and email.

13. Trotec

Trotec logo
Trotec logo (Source: Trotec)

Trotec laser is a global leader in manufacturing laser-cutting machines. The company is based in Austria.

Worldwide, they have 51 regional support and service centers. They are also affiliated with about 113 distributors across 130 countries to widen its reach.

With their machines, they provide their own proprietary software. Their SP and Speedy series machines are very popular.

To educate their customers, Trotec offers special webinars, training, and other informative resources like ebooks, project files, parameter charts, etc.

For queries, you can contact Trotec laser’s support team through phone or online form.

14. Comgrow

Comgrow logo
Comgrow logo (Source: Comgrow)

Comgrow is a machine tool manufacturer based in China. They are known for their Comgrow COMGO Z1 diode laser machine and ROBO CNC router.

They also provide accessories and part replacements like safety enclosures, laser head replacements, work materials, air assist, rotary axis, etc.

The machines from Comgrow are covered under a 1-year warranty. For queries, you can reach out to them through email or the contact form on their website.

Final Thoughts

Companies making laser cutters have to spend a lot of money on research and development to release better machines one after the other.

When purchasing a laser cutter, looking at the manufacturer is very important as they warrant the machine of any damages and promise the machine’s performance.

Check if the manufacturer has a local presence in your country. If they have, you’ll have a better experience with after-sales service.

Buying a laser machine is easy, but properly maintaining it can get tough if the manufacturer doesn’t provide the required spare parts and accessories.

So before purchasing a laser cutter, spend a little time researching the manufacturer and the services they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best laser cutter manufacturer?

The best laser cutter manufacturer for someone is a matter of opinion based on the budget, job requirements, and support from the manufacturer. Laser machines from xToolGlowforgeComgrow, etc., are some of the best in the hobbyist and small business categories. Trotec, Boss, FSL, Kern, Triumph, Epilog, etc., are the best brands for industrial applications.

What businesses use laser cutting?

Laser-cutting technology is used by businesses working in the field of manufacturing, engineering, medicine, electronics, construction, etc.

Which laser is best for cutting?

The best laser for cutting depends on the material you plan to cut. For cutting non-metal workpieces like wood, glass, etc., a CO2 laser system is best, but a fiber laser is the best option for cutting metal workpieces.

John Abraham
Hey I'm John. I write about Manufacturing, Metalworking, CNCs and Lasers at Mellowpine. If you have any questions related to CNCs or Lasers, I'd be happy to answer them. Reach me at mail@mellowpine.com

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