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Best 5×10 CNC Routers for Milling Oversized Panels [2023]



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5x10 CNC routers

If you mill oversized 5×10 panels or want to process a large number of workpieces in one go, a 5×10 CNC router is an excellent choice.

5 x 10 CNC routers are suitable for the furniture manufacturing industry to make wood doors, decorative wall panels, and cabinets with less wastage.

The big cutting area of 5 x 10 CNC routers let you accommodate large oversized sheets, and you can produce multiple pieces at once, hence saving your time, effort, and money.

The most important factors while choosing a 5×10 CNC router are its build quality, speed, efficiency, and customer support of the brand.

Considering all these, I chose the Best 5 x 10 CNC routers in 2023 for this review.

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Best Pick
5x10 CNCs
Avid CNC PRO60120
CAMaster Panther 5' x 10'
ShopBot PRSalpha 120 - 60
Work Area
61 ⅜“ x 124 ¼”
61" x 121"
129” x 61”
Linear Motion
Rack and Pinion (X, Y), Ball Screw (Z)
Rack and Pinion (X, Y) and Ball Screw (Z)
Rack and Pinion (X, Y, Z)
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
Best Pick
5x10 CNCs
Avid CNC PRO60120
Work Area
61 ⅜“ x 124 ¼”
Linear Motion
Rack and Pinion (X, Y), Ball Screw (Z)
1 Year
5x10 CNCs
CAMaster Panther 5' x 10'
Work Area
61" x 121"
Linear Motion
Rack and Pinion (X, Y) and Ball Screw (Z)
1 Year
5x10 CNCs
ShopBot PRSalpha 120 - 60
Work Area
129” x 61”
Linear Motion
Rack and Pinion (X, Y, Z)
1 Year

1. Avid CNC PRO60120– Best Overall 5×10 CNC Router

Avid CNC PRO60120
Avid CNC PRO60120

Avid CNC manufactures high-quality CNC routers for hobbyists and small businesses.

Expandability is one of the major advantages of Avid CNC routers, which lets them grow with your business.

Size and Build

PRO60120 CNC router has a footprint of 141” x 78 ¾“ that provides you a cutting area of 61 ⅜“ x 124 ¼”, which lets you work on large 5’ x 10’ sheets.

Avid CNC offers PRO60120 in 8” and 12” options for Z-axis travel.

PRO60120 CNC router kit does not arrive with a machine bed, and you need to supply it separately. Avid provides all the necessary resources to get you started for making spoilboard.

You can use Vacuum hold-down as a substitute for spoilboard to hold large uncut sheets.

Its base frame comprises heavy-duty extruded aluminum and steel plates, which give it rigidity for heavy-duty CNC machining.

The gantry of PRO60120 comes with a standard width of 78 ¾ “, which can be extended to 88 ¾ “ to use a dual Z-axis configuration.

It means that you can use two different cutting tools, like a spindle and a plasma cutter, to cut away and mill out your workpiece.

You can also mount two spindles, which you can use as roughing and finishing tools.

Hence, the dual Z-axis lets you do the whole thing in one pass without changing tools.

Linear Motion

In PRO60120 CNC router, PRO rack and pinion system with profile rail guides drive X and Y-axes. Using these precise linear motion components, you get a resolution of 0.0005 inches in the X and Y axes.

Its dual drive Y-axis prevents racking.

The Z-axis is driven by a precision ball screw, which gives you a resolution of 0.0002 inches.

PRO60120 provides positional accuracy of 0.005 inches and repeatability of 0.002 inches, making it suitable for high-precision jobs.

Motor and Spindle

Avid CNC offers NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 type stepper motors, offering different rapid traverse and cutting speeds.

Its NEMA 23 stepper motors have a holding torque of 420 oz-in that is suitable for light production. These motors provide a maximum rapid traverse of 500 IPM and a cutting speed of 250 IPM.

You can use NEMA 34 stepper motors with a holding torque of 960 oz-in is suitable for medium to large production.

This configuration provides you with a maximum rapid traverse of 1000 IPM and a cutting speed of 500 IPM.

Avid CNC offers two different spindles for the PRO60120 CNC router. Both are plug-and-play VFD spindles and can be easily connected with Avid CNC electronics.

I recommend the 4 hp (3 kW) spindle for light production and the 8.7 hp (6.5 KW) for medium to large-scale production.

You can also use a plasma cutter for fast cutting of thick metal sheets. Avid CNC offers a plasma kit, and you will need a plasma water table to use this kit.

Avid CNCs are designed for custom upgrades, which means that you can choose the spindle of your requirement apart from those offered by Avid.

For instance, if your cutting demands multiple tools, you can consider the S30 ATC spindle from CNC Depot.

Controller and Electronics

Avid CNC offers you plug and play control system for the PRO60120 CNC router.

An industrial-grade NEMA-type enclosure is used for housing a control board, breakout boards, stepper motor drivers, and power supply modules.

The controller of PRO60120 uses Ethernet SmoothStepper, which uses parallel ribbon cables to connect with stepper drivers and ethernet cable to connect to the computer.

Hence, the whole arrangement provides a robust communication path for fast signal transmission for CNC motion control.

Avid also offers a DIY electronics kit with all necessary components like stepper drivers, auto Z and corner finding touch plate, and Pepperl + Fuchs proximity sensor kit for NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 configurations.

However, the DIY kit does not include the NEMA enclosure for the controller, and you need to purchase it separately.


You can choose any CAD/CAM software like Fusion 360 or VCarve Pro to create 2D and 3D designs for the PRO60120 CNC router.

For CNC motion control, Avid recommends Mach4 software for its plug-and-play electronics kit.

It is robust and one of the best CNC motion control software, which offers quality, speed, and industry-grade features to be deployed to your production.

Mach4 is an intuitive software, requires less programming, and is extremely responsive to large G-code files. It also lets you control the PRO60120 CNC router from a remote location.

ArtSoft also offers a LazyCAM add-on, which adds CAM capabilities to Mach4 software, and you can get this add-on at an extra cost of around $75.

If you own an Avid CNC plasma torch, you can make cuts using SheetCAM software. It has many useful features for plasma cutting and costs you around $175.

You can use SheetCAM on computers running Windows Vista or higher operating systems.


PRO60120 CNC kit ships as parts and need to be assembled.

Avid CNC provides excellent assembly resources, and you can assemble PRO60120 in around 40 – 50 hours. 

Although its assembly is time-consuming, it allows you to learn about your CNC router’s components, working, and helps in troubleshooting in the future.

Community and Support

CNC routers from Avid CNC are highly popular, and there is a large online community of its users.

Although Avid CNC does not have any dedicated forum, you can find plenty of unofficial online forums and YouTube channels, which help resolve your Avid CNC-related issues quickly.

PRO60120 CNC router comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Avid CNC also provides excellent US-based customer support, which you can get via call, email, and screen-sharing options.

I have tabulated the cost per item to give you an idea of the set-up cost of the PRO60120 5′ x 10′ CNC router with maxed-out configurations for large-scale production.

Avid PRO60120 5′ x 10′ CNC Router kit$8,085
Plug and play NEMA 34 CNC control system$3,125
8.7 HP plug-and-play spindle with spindle mount and ER20 collet$4,395
Pepperl + Fuchs proximity sensor kit$315
Auto Z and corner finding touch plate$164.75
Mach4 (Industrial) CNC motion control software $1,295

Rough Cost Estimate for PRO601210

2. CAMaster Panther 5’ x 10’

CAMaster Panther 5' x 10'
CAMaster Panther 5′ x 10′

CAMaster manufactures quality CNC routers, which are capable of handling most of the work requirements of your business.

Panther series CNC routers from CAMaster let you expand the capabilities of your production.

Panther 5’ x 10’ is the biggest CNC router in the Panther series, and its stock machine with standard features is available at a starting price of around $32,995.

Size and build

Panther 5’ x 10’ has a footprint of 88″ x 155″ that provides you a cutting area of 61″ x 121″ with a maximum Z-axis travel of 10 inches.

It comes with welded steel frame, which supports the CNC router. So, you don’t need a separate stand or table for it.

The gantry and its components are made with heavy-duty steel, which dampens the vibrations during challenging CNC machining.

Overall, the construction and structural components make the Panther 5’ x 10’ rigid and provide a sturdy build quality.

Linear Motion

Panther 5’ x 10’ CNC router has a rack and pinion system with a helical gear rack to drive X and Y axes. These helical gears are more robust than straight-cut gears and are suitable for heavy-duty CNC machining.

Helical gears offer quick acceleration and let you achieve a maximum rapid traverse of 2,000 IPM and a maximum cutting speed of 1,000 IPM on the Panther CNC router.

Its precise linear motion components offer positional accuracy of 0.002 inches throughout the travel distance with a repeatability of 0.001 inches.

Also, its dual-drive Y-axis helps in self squaring of the CNC machine and also prevents racking.

The Z-axis of the Panther 5’ x 10’ CNC machine uses a ball screw, which provides accurate and smooth movement to its powerful spindle.

Motor and Spindle

Panther 5’ x 10’ comes with brushless servo motors with a planetary gearbox with 25 mm bearings mounted to each motor. The gearbox increases the motor’s torque output and operates quietly.

Servo motors, although costlier than stepper motors, provide smooth and silent motion control.

The stock CNC router comes with a 5 hp HSD spindle, which has a maximum RPM of 24,000. It is an air-cooled spindle and is capable of cutting plastic, wood, and aluminum.

Controller and Electronics

Panther 5’ x 10’ CNC router comes with a machine control computer that runs Windows 10 PRO and has a 19” LED monitor to view the machine control process.

Its PC cabinet houses the control board and other electronic components for controlling Panther 5’ x 10’ CNC router.

The controller also comes with an integrated emergency stop switch for quickly stopping the machine in case of emergencies.

Panther 5’ x 10’ has industrial-grade electronic components that give it good tolerance and long life.

It also comes with limit switches on all axes, which prevents the gantry from crashing into the frame.


CAMaster provides Vectric V-carve Pro software for CAD/CAM operations.

VCarve PRO is an intuitive software and is suitable for production environments. It lets you import 2D vector files, bitmap images, 3D clipart files, and 3D models from 3rd party resources.

Alternatively, you can use other CAD/CAM software like Fusion 360, BobCAD-CAM, and EnRoute.

The control computer of the Panther 5’ x 10’ CNC router comes with pre-loaded WinCNC motion control software.

WinCNC is an industry-grade software, and its intuitive interface lets you control the CNC router using a keyboard and mouse.


Panther 5’ x 10’ CNC router arrives almost fully assembled on its steel base. You will need a forklift with a minimum lifting capacity of 8,000 lbs. to unload the machine.

It does not arrive with a spoilboard, and you need to make it separately before receiving your machine.

CAMaster provides a good user guide for CNC router setup, and from unloading to making it ready for operation, you will need around one hour of setup.

Community and Support

The official forum for CAMaster CNC users is called CAMheads. It is a large online forum of active users and is an excellent place to discuss CNC router-related issues.

Panther 5’ x 10’ CNC router comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

CAMaster provides lifetime support on all its CNC routers. They have an excellent US-based customer support team available by phone, email, or at your doorstep.

Additionally, all CNC routers from CAMaster are pre-configured for remote desktop support, and the technical team can troubleshoot your CNC machine via the internet, regardless of your location.

3. ShopBot PRSalpha 120 – 60

ShopBot PRSalpha 60 120
ShopBot PRSalpha 60 120

ShopBot manufactures industry-grade CNC routers, which deliver full-production performance for most cutting tasks.

PRSalpha 120 – 60 is an advanced CNC router and offers you endless possibilities to make cabinets, musical instruments, signs, and furniture.

Size and build

PRSalpha 120 – 60 CNC router has a footprint of 144” x 91”, which offers you a cutting area of 129” x 61” and lets you cut full sheets to make parts from it.

This CNC router lets you cut workpieces with a maximum thickness of 8 inches.

The base frame of PRSalpha 120 – 60 is made of steel with bolted connections, which provides sturdy build quality.

Legs of the base frame have adjustable feet, which lets you level the workbed on uneven surfaces. 

The fully-assembled gantry and Y-rails are made of heavy aluminum extrusion, which prevents flexing during heavy-duty CNC machining.

Linear Motion

All axes of PRSalpha 120 – 60 are driven by a precision rack and pinion system, which provide fast and accurate movement with 0.0004 inches of step resolution.

Hardened steel rails are mounted at the top of the gantry, which guides the X-axis movement of the spindle.

Legs of the gantry come with pre-installed V-wheels, which ride over the Y-axis steel rails for linear motion.

With its precise linear motion components, you can get a maximum cutting speed of 600 IPM and a maximum rapid traverse speed of 1,800 IPM with positional accuracy of 0.002 inches.

Motor and Spindle

PRSalpha 120 – 60 comes with NEMA 34 stepper motors, and each of the motors has a holding torque of 1264 oz-in.

It comes with a dual drive for the Y-axis gantry that effectively prevents racking of the gantry due to unsynchronized movement that is seen in single drive systems.

These stepper motors are designed for continuous operation and come with an αStep system to monitor its shaft position using closed-loop feedback.

ShopBot offers two cable routers and VFD spindles with different power ratings between 1 to 10 HP, from which you can choose one according to your CNC machining requirements.

For instance, if you want to cut solid hardwood and plywood to make cabinets, the 5 hp HSD ATC spindle will speed up the production and will cost you roughly $9,900.

Controller and electronics

Stepper motors of PRSalpha 120 – 60 are driven by αSTEP AR series stepper drivers, which have improved angle accuracy and can drive motors with large initial loads.

PRSalpha 120 – 60 comes with a sealed control box with an integrated E-stop button. The control box houses the power supply, stepper drivers, contactors, and ports for homing switches and VFD. 

Additionally, you get a wired remote button pendant connected to the control box that lets you start, stop, and E-stop the CNC router.

You can mount the control box and VFD to the CNC router table, which gives you easy access while working on the CNC router and saves space.


ShopBot provides three different software, which let you program, edit, and cut the design files.

These are VCarve Pro for CAD/CAM operation, ShopBot Editor to edit ShopBot part files, and ShopBot3 proprietary software for CNC motion control.

To run these software programs, you will need a PC running Windows XP or above with a minimum of 4 GB RAM for optimum performance.

After installing all software, you can connect the control box to your computer using a USB cable, which comes with a CNC router kit.


PRSalpha 120 – 60 arrives in big crate packing as parts that need to be assembled. The gantry comes pre-assembled and needs to be placed onto the steel rails.

ShopBot provides good assembly resources that let you complete the assembly process in around 40 – 50 hours.

Community and Support

ShopBot has a large online community of active users, where you can get plenty of resources and tips related to CNC routers.

PRSalpha 120 – 60 comes with a two-year warranty and unlimited technical support.

ShopBot offers US-based excellent customer support, online CNC classes, and webinars, which are helpful if you are new to CNC machining.

4. ShopSabre PRO 510

ShopSabre Pro 510
ShopSabre Pro 510

ShopSabre manufactures industry-grade CNC routers with top-of-the-line machine components, making them suitable for large-scale production environments.

ShopSabre PRO series are big-size and heavy-duty CNC routers. These routers are made with high-quality parts, making them perfect for sheet work to manufacture furniture, cabinets, and large signs.

Size and Build

PRO 510 has a 93″ x 156″ footprint, which offers you a cutting area of 72″ x 125″ and can cut workpieces with a maximum thickness of 16 inches.

It has a gantry clearance of 12 inches, which is helpful while cutting thick workpieces using long cutting tools.

Now you may be wondering why the Z-axis travel is 4 inches longer than the clearance. This is to allow the cutting tool to be retracted above the gantry so that the entire 12 inches of gantry clearance becomes available for use.

The extra Z-axis travel also means you can cut all the way through a 12″ thick stock. ShopSabre calls this the Super Z technology.

The base frame comprises 6 x 12 steel tubes, which are welded together to provide rigidity and dampen the vibrations during heavy-duty CNC machining.

Its base frame also offers easy vacuum zone control and integrates rigid pipes for increased airflow and a reservoir tank to maintain a consistent vacuum.

Like the base of the frame, the gantry is also made of 6 x 12 steel tubes, making it sturdy and providing high cutting force and stability during CNC machining.

The workbed comes with a HiFlow vacuum system for work holding, its HiFlow grid over the workbed holds the workpiece in place.

Linear Motion

All axes of PRO 510 are driven by a ball screw mechanism, which provides good positional accuracy and requires less maintenance.

Although long ball screw shaft tends to whip as it turns, PRO510 comes with twin screws, making the shaft rigid reducing the whipping and offering increased cutting accuracy.

PRO 510 comes with 25 mm steel linear rails with quad bearing rollers on all axes with wipers to improve performance. The wipers help keep the rails clean of debris and dust.

With its precise linear motion components, you get a maximum rapid traverse of 1,200 IPM and it can also achieve repeatability of 0.001 inches.

Motor and Spindle

PRO 510 comes with Mitsubishi closed-loop AC servo motors to drive the ball screw on each axis.

These motors are powerful and deliver high speeds to provide a good material removal rate during continuous CNC machining.

PRO 510 does not come with a spindle, and you need to supply one according to your production requirements.

ShopSabre offers a 4 hp and 9.3 hp manual spindle that you can add to your purchase. Additionally, if you need fast production you can choose the 5 hp or 10 hp automatic tool changing spindle.

The automatic tool changing spindles from ShopSabre comes in 5 and 10 tool position options.

Controller and Electronics

ShopSabre provides a proprietary controller for the PRO 510 CNC router. 

All the controller electronics are placed inside a neat enclosure that sits on the stand which saves space and also protects the controller from dust and debris generated during cutting.

It comes with limit switches on all axes that prevent the gantry from moving out of bounds and also helps in homing the axes.


ShopSabre provides VCarve PRO software with a perpetual license to use with PRO 510.

VCarve PRO is an intuitive software and suitable for production environments. It lets you import 2D vector files, bitmap images, 3D clipart files, and 3D models from 3rd party resources. 

You can also create designs using its complete set of drawing and editing tools, and to use it, you will need a computer running Windows Vista or a higher operating system.

For motion control, the controller comes with pre-installed WinCNC Software, which is a robust software and comes with an easy-to-use and customizable user interface.

WinCNC can control the motion of up to 6 axes, and its look-ahead buffer feature provides you a smooth router motion and make cuts in less time.

The look-ahead buffer reads the lines of the G-code file ahead of running and adjusts the acceleration of the cutting tool through small arcs and line segments which provides smooth operation and makes cuts in less time.


PRO 510 arrives almost fully assembled on a pallet, all you need to do is move it into place, remove various nuts that hold the moving parts from moving around while transporting and make the connections.

ShopSabre provides excellent assembly resources for assembling the router and you can complete its set up within two hours.

Community and Support

Although ShopSabre has a large user base, it does not have an active online community.

If you are a beginner, you may experience a learning curve while operating this CNC router.

ShopSabre provides US-based excellent customer support, and you can contact them via call or get remote support to troubleshoot your CNC router.

5. Shaper Origin-Best CNC Router for Onsite Work

Shaper Origin handheld CNC router
Shaper Origin handheld CNC router

Origin is probably what you want if you are looking for a CNC router capable of milling large sheets but don’t want to dedicate floor space in your shop or garage.

It is a handheld CNC router that looks slightly bigger than regular handheld routers and has CNC capabilities.

Shaper Origin is not a 5×10 CNC router, rather there is no limit to the size of the sheet this CNC can process.

There were other handheld CNC routers in the market previously but as of now, Origin from Shapertools is the only handheld CNC router available in the market.

It is a super handy and lightweight CNC router, which lets you take it to the site for work like making flooring inlays, boatmaking, stagecraft, and many more.

In a nutshell, Origin lets you take CNC precision and speed to the workpiece rather than bringing the workpiece to a CNC router.

Origin lets you make 2D and 2.5D cuts on various materials but does not support 3D carvings.

How Origin works?

Origin uses a visual marker system to orient itself to the workpiece. You need to stick Shaper tape around the area to be cut and scan the entire surface to generate a digital map of the surface.

You can then transfer design files to the Origin, and use the interface on the router to place the CAD model virtually in the work area.

Alternatively, you can use commonly-used designs available in the Shaperhub library to quickly design cuts. Shaperhub is a free service provided by Shapertools for Origin users.

It has an offset feature that lets you create cuts and pockets for commonly used parts like hinges quickly.

Once the design is placed virtually over the work area, the onboard display shows you a live camera feed of the work area along with the path you need to follow.

All you need to do is to move Origin along the path shown on the screen.

If you move too far from the path, Origin retracts the cutting bit and stops cutting preventing damage to the workpiece.

So you need not be an expert with routers to guide Origin to make precise cuts.

Although Origin retracts the tool if you veer off course, sometimes the retraction can be a bit slow which can chip off the edges, but it is minor and can be repaired using filler or epoxy.

Size and Build

Origin has a footprint of 13 ¾” x 7 ¾” and lets you cut workpieces of any dimension. Using Origin, you can cut workpieces having a maximum thickness of 1.75 inches.

Shaper Origin weighs under 14.5 lbs, which lets you comfortably move the router over the work surface.

It arrives in a packed carry case, which has a dimension of 15 ½” x 11 ½” x 17″ and weighs around 23.5 lbs. Its compact size makes it easy to carry Origin and related accessories to the site of work.

Both sides of Origin have a handle to hold and maneuver the CNC router over the work surface.

It also comes with a dust extraction port with an outer diameter of 1.54 inches and a 6.5′ long adaptor hose with a 2.25″ outer diameter, which lets you connect Origin to any US-standard shop vac.

The bottom of Origin has a chip tray that collects the chips created while cutting. 


Origin comes with a pre-installed Shaper SM1 spindle, which has a variable speed range between 10,000 to 26,000 RPM, which makes it suitable for cutting softwood, hardwood, plastics, MDF, and other soft materials.

It is a brushed DC spindle made by Festools and has a maximum power of 720 W.

The spindle comes with a soft start, and overload cut-off features to protect the spindle and ensure long life. Additionally, it has constant speed control that enables you to cut materials with a smooth even finish.


Origin draws a maximum current of 7A, hence you can plug it into any standard 120 v socket. 

It has a touch screen at the top which is paired with a camera to let you view and control the cutting process.

The handles have buttons that you can use to navigate through the menu options.

There are LED lights placed near the spindle to illuminate the area being cut making it easy to use the router in dimly lit conditions.

For transferring files, it supports USB and WiFi file transfer that lets you move design files seamlessly.

Software and Interface

You can use any CAD software to create designs to use on Origin. Unlike other CNC machines, Origin does not require you to convert the designs to G-code using CAM software.

All you need to do is create the design and export it in SVG format. This is because Origin only supports SVG format files.

This shouldn’t be a problem as almost all CAD software can export the files in SVG format. You can transfer files between your computer and Origin using a USB stick or through Shapehub account.

Once the SVG design formats are loaded onto Origin, it uses proprietary software/firmware that comes pre-installed on the router to control the handheld CNC router as per the design.

There is no subscription fee for the software on Origin and you can use it without an internet connection which makes it a great choice for using the router on sites without internet access.

However, you will need to connect Origin to the internet for the occasional software and firmware updates.

Furthermore, if you need to access the designs you save in your Shaperhub account you will need an internet connection.

The primary interface between Origin and the user is the touch screen on top of the router. You can use it to perform all the actions that are required.

You can also design cuts using the touch screen on the device, meaning you do not require a computer to use the router for simple jobs.


Shaper Origin arrives fully assembled with essential accessories in the box to let you get cutting quickly.

After unboxing, you need to connect Origin to the internet via WiFi for initial setup and firmware and software updates

Overall, the setup process is easy, and it will take less than 30 minutes to make your Origin ready for cutting.

Community and Support

You can access the online community of users of Origin through your Shaperhub account which gives you access to a wide variety of projects and ideas shared by other users.

Origin comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

While purchasing Origin, you can also opt for Shaper Pro, which extends the warranty period to two years and promises immediate shipping of replacement parts to reduce downtime in your work.

Shapertools also provides a 30-day trial period, which lets you decide if Origin is the right choice for you. However, while returning, you have to pay the shipping charges.

Shapertools has excellent US-based customer support, available through phone or email. They also offer weekly live sessions that provide training on using Origin.

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