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TJI Joists Explained: Pros and Cons of Using it

TJI Joists

A TJI joist is a type of engineered wood joist commonly used in residential construction.  Made from a combination of compressed wood strands, adhesive, and wax, TJI joists are popular among builders and engineers because they can cover long distances without sagging or warping. TJI joists also offer several size options, making them ideal for … Read more

How Far Can a 2 x 10 Span Without Support? Joists, Rafter

How Far Can a 2 x10 Span Without Support?

A 2×10’s maximum span depends on where it’s used. According to IRC 2021, a 2×10 with 16-inch spacing can span up to 18′-9″ as floor joists, more than 26′ as rafters and ceiling joists,4′-3″ as beams, and 7′ as headers without providing additional support. These values apply to Southern Pine Species. This article lists the … Read more