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How to Align the Mirrors of a CO2 laser

Aligning the Mirrors of a CO2 laser

Aligning the mirrors of a CO2 laser can often be a frustrating task as it is difficult to perfectly reflect the laser off a series of mirrors and position it on the workpiece. But don’t fret! There is a simple hack that you can use to precisely calibrate the mirror alignment to get accurate results. … Read more

Laser Moves but Does Not Fire: How to Fix

Laser moves but does not fire

Is your machine just tracing the cutting or engraving path without firing the laser? This is a laser issue that often triggers panic in laser users, thinking that there’s something wrong with their laser module. But don’t fret! It does not necessarily have to be as serious as it sounds. I’m Unni, and I’m a … Read more

Laser Not Cutting Perfect Circles: How to Fix

Laser not Cutting perfect circles

Is your laser not cutting perfect circles? I’ve been there too. It is a frustrating experience when your laser suddenly forgets what a perfect circle is. I’m Unni, and I’m a laser engraving expert. In this guide, I will explain the three possible reasons why your laser is not cutting perfect circles and how you … Read more

Laser Cuts at Uneven Depths: How to Fix

Laser cuts at uneven depth

Is your laser cutting unevenly causing projects to come out all messed up? Don’t fret! It is a common issue that most laser users encounter at least once in a while. I’m Unni, and I’m a laser engraving expert. In this guide, I will explain the four possible reasons why your laser is cutting at … Read more

Laser Suddenly Halts While Using: How to Fix

Laser Halts during operation

Were you in the middle of an exciting engraving project, and suddenly, your laser engraver decided to take an unexpected break during the process? Don’t worry! You’re not alone. I’ve been through the same frustration, and over the years, I’ve uncovered three reasons for such unexpected halts: electrical interference, unexpected power surge, and faulty USB … Read more

Laser Output is Upside Down: How to Fix

Engraving output comes out flipped vertically and horizontally

Are your laser projects coming out upside down even when everything seems to be perfectly right? I’ve been through that too. It’s frustrating to watch your workpiece get ruined by the inverted engraving, and it is more frustrating when you cannot figure out what’s causing it. But don’t jump to conclusions; the possible reason for … Read more

Laser Skipping Lines During Engraving: How to Fix

Skip lines due to improper belt tension

Is your laser engraver skipping lines during engraving and producing visible horizontal or vertical lines throughout the project? Don’t fret! I’ve been there too. The skip lines in an engraving are caused due to improper belt tension, i.e., the belt is either too tight or too loose. I’m Unni, and I’m a laser engraving expert. … Read more

How to be Safe when Laser Cutting or Engraving

Working with a laser machine

Weak lasers like pointers or the ones seen in music festival lights are usually harmless. However, laser cutters and engravers use strong, focused laser beams that can go right through materials. Such powerful beams come with risks. So, safety is crucial when working with such machines. I’m Unni, and I’m a laser engraving expert. I’ve … Read more