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Laser Skipping Lines During Engraving: How to Fix

Skip lines due to improper belt tension

Is your laser engraver skipping lines during engraving and producing visible horizontal or vertical lines throughout the project? Don’t fret! I’ve been there too. The skip lines in an engraving are caused due to improper belt tension, i.e., the belt is either too tight or too loose. I’m Unni, and I’m a laser engraving expert. … Read more

How to be Safe when Laser Cutting or Engraving

Working with a laser machine

Weak lasers like pointers or the ones seen in music festival lights are usually harmless. However, laser cutters and engravers use strong, focused laser beams that can go right through materials. Such powerful beams come with risks. So, safety is crucial when working with such machines. I’m Unni, and I’m a laser engraving expert. I’ve … Read more

Getting Started with LightBurn: Beginners Guide

Getting Started with LightBurn

When I first got my hands on a laser machine years ago, I was pumped to start crafting until I tried using the clunky software it came with. As a total beginner, I found it super confusing and frustrating. I almost returned the laser. One of my maker friends suggested I give LightBurn a spin. … Read more

Power Testing and Calibration Guide for Laser Enthusiasts

power testing and calibration

Finding it hard to pinpoint the laser settings for a job? Wondering how to calibrate your laser for a clear engraving or a char-free cut? It’s common for anyone starting with lasers to ask these questions. I’m Unni, and I’m a laser engraving expert. I’ve played around for thousands of hours with laser machines over … Read more