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Learn Laser Engraving: Absolute Beginner Guide!

Painted aluminum business card engraved using Ortur Laser Master 3

To get started with laser engraving, you need at least an entry-level laser engraver and some basic know-how of operating the machine. To learn laser engraving, you need to understand how various factors such as the type of laser, workpiece material, design, optimal parameters, etc., affect the engraving process. While different lasers have different material … Read more

CNC Fiber Laser: Beginner’s Guide

Fiber Laser Cutter

Fiber lasers are a popular machine tool in manufacturing. It is primarily used to work with metal workpieces and requires less maintenance. CNC fiber laser is a CNC machine that generates a laser beam and passes it through a fiber optic cable wired to a computer-controlled laser head. It then focuses the laser beam on … Read more